Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Store!

Hi !

I have been a busy bee getting ready for many new things.

My online store is up and running on Etsy. I have heard marvelous things about this online venue and the commissions are really a deal! Check it out

Started working on a piece for the "Spoked" exhibition coming up in September. This painting started at home with a quick sketch and then was at the gallery for the "Surreally Yours" Exhibition a couple of weekends ago as a few of us decided to paint live outside. It was a great night to do it. Over the last week I haven't done much with it as I haven't had time.

I have been working on getting my work done for "Lifeblood" which is for next year. I have my plaster castings done but am on the search for Local suppliers of liquid latex although I may have found another product that would be worth a try. I am eager to get this done to allow any experimentation to take place. In November & December I am curating a show with my hubby called "Remastered". It is a take on utilizing the modern artists take and unique style in the original masters paintings. i.e. Cezanne, Da Vinci, Bacon, Picasso, Van Gogh.... you get the point here. For More Info on this show visit At the same time will be putting together Naughti Gras with my lovely friend Dallas.

busy busy....

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