Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This Weekend Opening!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009
12:00pm - 4:00pm
Urban Eats Cafe & Bakery
3301 S. Meramec
Saint Louis, MO


Saturday, October 24, 12-4

Urban Eats Cafe & Bakery

Danielle Correll, Artist—Surrounding my Insanities

A show of the ups and downs and everything in between.

The current work represents life's simplicity in the good, bad, and ugly. These paintings are mixed media representations of the artists past 10 years of life.


Danielle is a multi media artist; she utilizes many mediums including digital, glass, sculpture, photography, acrylics, oils, airbrush, pastels, lacquers, and freelance design born in Las Vegas, Nevada. Danielle's artistry goes a long way back to childhood; where she would often paint with her hands or draw at about age one.

Her work finds a feeling or expression within her own soul to captivate others along her life's struggle and journey for answers. The work that represents the human form is ultimately herself in the different stages of her emotion as she gains control of her past and heals from the abuse that she experienced as a child and again as an adult. She admits she is no longer a victim and helps others who have experienced the same using her work as an outlet or vision into the experiences that make Danielle who she is today.

Currently her artworks extend from the West Coast and Southwest regions of the U.S.A. to Europe, and Asia.

Danielle has a permanent exhibit within Soulard Art Market (12th & Russell, in the heart of Soulard (Saint Louis), Missouri).

She continues to produce work for her exhibit with Soulard Art Market and also attends school full-time to receive her Bachelor's in Science with an emphasis on Interior Design (Commercial & Residential).

You can find her artwork shown around Saint Louis, Missouri at many shows and events coming up.

Artist Statement:

I've been creating art almost my entire life... the stories I could tell. Mostly self-taught, I experiment with different forms of medium to achieve the overall look and design of what I am trying to achieve.

Art is a required necessity and has become more of a staple in my life than anything. Like a good well-balanced diet. Art serves a mentally logical reason as well. Productivity, a sense of immortality (as I know I won't live forever but my art very well may), an outlet for expression are but a few reasons. A true focus on what I love in my life is where my inspiration comes from, another form of inspiration is my anger towards specific situations in my past. Painting is seriously a form of meditation or therapy for me to get through what is going on from my past struggles into the situations that I deal with in the present.

In this form of therapy art has displayed a special expressionism where I don’t have to be a victim anymore, i can now allow myself to be a survivor. Unfortunately there are still many others out there that have experienced similar situations in emotional, physical and sexual abuse that I have but cannot yet call themselves survivors. I hope that my work can help them in this process towards survivorship as it is possible. It is a very long process to get through, just hang in there.

Many of the forms in my work are female and are representative of emotions that cannot sometmes be expressed in words but upon a canva and a stroke of paint.

In all the years I have experimented with various kinds of media like oils, acrylics airbrush, sculpture, glass, etc... .

Most of my creations have remained hidden.... I have always created just to have fun and create. The art form and true discipline is different for every artist and each creation allows an artist to grow and change within themselves. When other people have a chance to understand that vision then you know that you have created a beautiful piece of work to share.

Pleases enjoy this collection and don’t be afraid to ask any questions.


Also @ Urban Eats coming up

November 8th I will have another opening representing a different collection -- "The Other side of the Human Soul" -- this is going to be an interesting collection that you just have to see to believe.

December 19th - I will have another opening representing a different collection - "Yesteryear" -- paintings representing immigration through the industrial revolution and specifically women and children. Truly an incredible experience in our Heritage.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Save the Girls"

"Save the Girls"; a breast cancer awareness show. Opening this Friday, October 16th, from 7 to 11pm. For More Info:

Urban Eats

Visit me in October ---- October 24th from 12-4pm at Urban Eats Cafe & Bakery at 3301 Meramec 63118 My exhibition for October is "Surrounding my Insanities" and will feature work representing the last 10 years of my life --- good, bad, and the ugly will be shown.

Hope to see ya there!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Store!

Hi !

I have been a busy bee getting ready for many new things.

My online store is up and running on Etsy. I have heard marvelous things about this online venue and the commissions are really a deal! Check it out

Started working on a piece for the "Spoked" exhibition coming up in September. This painting started at home with a quick sketch and then was at the gallery for the "Surreally Yours" Exhibition a couple of weekends ago as a few of us decided to paint live outside. It was a great night to do it. Over the last week I haven't done much with it as I haven't had time.

I have been working on getting my work done for "Lifeblood" which is for next year. I have my plaster castings done but am on the search for Local suppliers of liquid latex although I may have found another product that would be worth a try. I am eager to get this done to allow any experimentation to take place. In November & December I am curating a show with my hubby called "Remastered". It is a take on utilizing the modern artists take and unique style in the original masters paintings. i.e. Cezanne, Da Vinci, Bacon, Picasso, Van Gogh.... you get the point here. For More Info on this show visit At the same time will be putting together Naughti Gras with my lovely friend Dallas.

busy busy....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

HI All! Getting ready to finish my online store on my website

Here is a preview:

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Painting group

HI All!

I will be teaching class on August 13th. This will feature different techniques in layering, washes, etc so come on down to the SAM Gallery next thursday. Will post more soon.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Welcome to my first post on my Art Blog. I have been a bit under the weather so I will be making this first post short. This blog will hold all of my creative endeavors for the world to see, so hold on to your hats. This blog will at times show the process of work from start to finish. I usually paint at home in the middle of the night. It is more comfortable, I know where everything is at (most of the time) and it seems to work for me the best.

For the most part I paint but like to dig into many other mediums as my mind is always wondering, "can I do that"? I also enjoy practicing techniques from the past and utilizing what has been able to last hundreds of years. This could be egg tempura, milk paint, pigments hand mixed, and more. It is a constant experiment to find what works for you. If it does, go with it!

Updates to come soon!